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Westport’s Cable Company Adding New Channels

Good news for Westport digital cable users – Charter Communications, the company behind the cable service, has announced its plans of adding new channels to its lineup over the next month and a half.

While the company understands the demand and excitement for newer TV channels, they plant on making a smooth transition by slowly adding programs to each neighborhood on their network list. The company has announced the addition of 45 new digitals for its Westport customers. Furthermore, cable subscribers have the option of signing up for the Digital Sports View – a package with an additional 17 channels for only $5 a month.

Charter’s existing digital cable subscribers are currently being notified by mail and telephone on the necessary changes and additions to digital equipment needed to avail of the new services. All they have to do is head for the nearest Charter center to swap their Motorola digital receiver for a new Scientific Atlanta digital receiver.

According to Gregory A. Garabedian, Charter’s Vice President and general manager in the New England area, Charter aims to update and improve the technology and services they offer to subscribers in Westport. Their new array of digital channels is just one step in the right direction of more and better features for their customers.

Westport cable subscribers are certainly excited by this news, as more entertaining TV options make for a better bonding experience for friends, as well as family.

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