WCCL Health and Wellness Event

ID-100221907*We have a very exciting event coming up on August 22nd – 24th. We are
hosting our first Wellness Weekend! Join us and be revitalized and
refreshed at this weekend retreat. Come and learn how your body, mind and
spirit can be well. We will offer you a range of wellness activities,
discussions and strategies. Healthy, delicious meals are included. This
unique Weekend is taking place at the centre amongst a beautiful natural
setting, gorgeous gardens, a pool and serene pond with waterfalls.*

*Activities** include: *

* *Yoga*

* *Massage*

* *Aromatherapy*

* *Zumba*

* *Nutrition*

* *Natural Remedies*

*And much more!!*

*When:**Friday August 22nd 7pm-9pm*

Saturday August 23rd 9am-9pm*

Sunday August 24th 9am-1pm*

*For those who require accommodation we offer unique luxury rooms with
private ensuite. *

*Cost: **Single occupancy with ensuite – $650*

* Double occupancy with ensuite – $550*

* No accommodation– $295*

*Sign up now before our spaces fill up! *


Motus O Dance Theatre

Next weekend, July 26th and 27th, 2014 we are hosting *Motus O Dance Theatre*! *Motus O* is nationally recognized dance troupe from Stouffville, Ontario. They have traveled all across North America, Europe and Australia performing various dance shows. The founders of *MOTUS O Dance Theatre* believe that the art of

Westport Centre for Creative Learning Summer Sale

This weekend, July 26th and 27th, 2014 we are hosting *Motus O DanceTheatre*!*Motus O* is nationally recognized dance troupe from Stouffville, Ontario.They have traveled all across North America, Europe and Australiaperforming various dance shows.On Saturday July 26th 10 am-4 pm, *Motus O’s *Artistic directors arefacilitatingthe workshop,*Body in Motion- With FUN!*You are invited to

Explore Westport Ontario ONTARIO

Westport Ontario is one of the most beautiful towns in Ontario. This heart warming village has kept its charm and quaint feel for the past 50 years! There is so much to do as well as natural beauty. The fishing is great. Westport is surrounded by lakes and is linked to the Rideau Canal so your options for fishing, boating and water sports are limitless.

If you enjoy shopping, Westport has always been known as a shopping destination. The downtown area of Westport is filled with unique shops and fun boutiques. There are several great restaurants in Westport that have delicious menus. Westport constantly has festivals and events taking place so any time you visit you are sure to be entertained.

Westport is a landmark between Kingston and Ottawa, so it's the perfect escape. With several accommodations and bed and breakfasts, you can make Westport a weekend vacation or enjoy an expended stay. There are several Cottage rentals as well.

Of course while you are in Westport you must go up to Foley Mountain and catch the famous view from Spy Rock. There are also several trails and sights to see at the Foley Mountain Conservation Area.

Some common attractions are the Rideau Valley Art Festival, Westport Music Festival, Antique Show, Fall Studio Tours, Blues on the Rideau, July 1st Celebration and the Westport Heritage Festival.

There are so many local artisans and you can view a lot of their work at the local Art Gallery - Artemisia. We could go on and on about how wonderful Westport Ontario is, but you will have to come visit it yourself!

If you have never been to Westport or you are a returning visitor and would like to find out about places to stay, stores to shop at and things to do, visit our Business Directory.

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