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Land Preservation in Westport Scores Again

The Westport Land Conservation Trust won an important fight yet again in conserving Westport’s rural identity and more importantly, in conserving and protecting the environment and everyone who relies on it to maintain the environmental balance that we so enjoy.

The Board of Selectmen had no issues whatsoever in unanimously voting for the permanent conservation of 2 new parcels of land last Monday which include a 72 acre property located on Main Road, the one just adjacent to the Durham Brook area – another property being conserved. The second property might not be that big in number with only 11 acres just in front of the Westport Rivers Winery, but is still equally important.

These 2 properties now join other parcels of land throughout Westport that like the one in Route 177, where the Brookside Restaurant is, and the farm on Adamsville Road.

Now, everything is set for the head of the Energy and Environmental Affairs to approve for the preservation efforts to take effect. After the nod from the state secretary, then the said properties composed of mostly woodlands and wetlands will be among the properties under the Westport Land Conservation Trust’s name to preserve for all of Westport.

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