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Aquatic Weed Control for your Waterfront

WeedRollerThis past winter, having been a mild one and the low level of water in our lakes means early and heavy invasive seaweed problems in all of our lakes, resulting in problems with weeds getting tangled up in boat propellers and personal water craft motors, not to mention the unsightly views from your shore.

You don’t want to use harmful chemicals and the use of weed removal products such as rakes can be troublesome, backbreaking and very labor intensive.

There are some options for you to consider.
WeedRoller option for a weed-free beach/swimming area and the – AquaSweep to get rid of the muck build-up.
We also carry other options such as mats, cutters and raking systems.

Imagine no more weeds in your swimming and docking area! It can happen.
Imagine getting rid of muck and silt, it can also happen.

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Jason and Natalie

Aquatic Weed Harvesting Rideau Canal System Eastern Ontario

Aquatic Weed Harvesting is the Real Answer to Aquatic Weed Control.

Aquatic Weed Havesting

Periodic weed harvesting of your waterfront areas will in many instances prove to be an effective means of aquatic plant control. The rooted aquatic weeds must produce sufficient food in their leaves to maintain their root systems. Frequent cuttings of the leaves will eventually lead to death of the root system. Like weeding the garden, it is necessary to watch for the early development of potential problems and remove the AQUATIC WEEDS as they become established and before they spread over large areas.

The more Aquatic Weeds you remove during the spring, summer and fall the less aquatic weeds that will be on your lake front or pond.

Call Jason at by telephone at 613 530 0486 to help with your complete Aquatic Control of Lake Weeds and full removal and disposal of aquatic plant growth.

Providing chemical free aquatic weed harvesting in the Rideau Lakes area and the Rideau Waterways and lakes in Eastern Ontario.

Approved by the Ministry of National Resources and Parks Canada who control the Rideau Canal Waterways.

No Weeds, No Muck, No Labor

Attention Cottage Owners,

Are you experiencing aquatic weeds taking over your shoreline, preventing you from enjoying a refreshing swim or causing your boat propellers to get tangled? This is an increasing problem in most lakes and ponds in the Rideau Lakes area.

There are a few solutions to control lake and pond weeds and seaweed removal without using harmful chemicals or slaving away for hours without removing the actual problem.

The WeedRoller detaches existing weeds and agitates the lake bed, leaving your swimming and docking area free of lake weeds. This prevents more weed growth for a clean, sandy lake bottom and a pleasant swimming area.

Another solution is to take advantage of the Aquatic Weed Harvester Service offered by Seaweed Doctor. Check our website

Call Jason for a free estimate and evaluation of your shoreline at 613-530-0486.
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