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The Irish town of Westport is revitalising the “Westport’s of the World” by holding a Convention from 14th to 17th September of next year 2017.
Westport of the world is an association of towns worldwide that share the name Westport. It’s believed that there are over 25 Westport’s across the world.
We extend an invitation to Westport citizens worldwide to come along and join the gathering as we
here in Westport Ireland also celebrate our 250th Birthday.
In the past from 1985 to 2010 WOW had representation from Westport’s in Kentucky, New York, Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Zealand, Massachusetts, Missouri, South Dakota, New Mexico and Connecticut.
Full details of the Convention programme will be available in the coming month
We look forward to hearing from you and participation from your Westport.
Date :
September 14 to 17, 2017
Event location :
Westport, ON
Contact :
Dermott Langan
Tourism & Enterprise Officer
Tel: 353 98 50400
For more information about Westport Ireland check out the following websites:

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