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Children’s Summer Art Workshops

…Paint, Create, Play!

Tap in to your creative potential!

Painting with Picasso
Ages 6-12
Picasso said it took him a lifetime to relearn how to paint like a child.
Children have a fearless knack for experimenting with colour and form. This course will allow you to explore the full range of their ideas. With a different lesson and theme each day: still life, portrait, landscape, you will create fun and funky masterpieces to hang on your walls!

DAY 1: Still life with Picasso and Matisse.
Students will be introduced to mixed-media through the eyes of Picasso and Matisse. acrylic paint and collage to create a one of a kind mixed-media painting using bowls, flowers, fruit as their subject matter.

DAY 2: Funky Pet and People Portraits
After a brief art history and drawing lesson, students will capture the mood and personality of their pet or favorite person in paint. Go home with a funky portrait!

The Instructor
Margaret Stuart has been playing with paint, colour and texture for the past 24 years. She studied Fine Arts at Bishop’s University, at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal and at the Haliburton School of Art. Her mixed-media paintings have won awards.

An Ontario Certified Teacher, Margaret creates an environment where children and adults feel comfortable exploring creativity and colour. Painting is where ‘mistakes’ are encouraged because they often turn into masterpieces! Embrace your inner artist!

She lives and paints in the Ottawa Valley with her daughter, 6 quails, 5 chickens and cat Gwin where she teaches primary school nearby.

Fun workshops in downtown Westport for children craving creativity
July 30,10am-12pm
July 31, 10am-12pm
Let your little Picasso paint while you shop or relax.

For more information and to register please contact:
Artemesia Gallery (613) 273-8775 or Margaret Stuart (613) 649-0290

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