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Auto Shine Westport Car Wash & Auto Detailing

Auto Shine Wood Wizards Westport OntarioDuring this fall season you are probably enjoying the beautiful colors, but also thinking about packing up your summer equipment such as your boat. Rent Auto Shine‘s pressure washer if you would like to clean up any exteriors or siding. Auto Shine in Westport Ontario specialized in vinyl or aluminum siding, brick or stone, and any wood structure or finish.

If you noticed your grout or cement cracking, Auto Shine can wet sandblast and make it look brand new. Wood Wizards is a Sikkens Product Specialist and a division of Auto Shine. Using only the best products on the market for interior and exterior wood surfaces, they can maintain and refinish any project you have around the house, cottage or place of business.

Not only does Auto Shine offer services for buildings, Auto Shine has many products and services for your vehicle. If you would like detailing done to your car or truck, or simply need to give your vehicle a bath, visit their car wash located on Mountain Rd. in Westport Ontario across from Country Kitchen.

For a free estimate or consultation call Robb Merkley at 613-273-2173.

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