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Westport’s Dog Wash and nail trimming



My Dog’s Spa and Grooming salon in Westport has graciously offered their time and and their salon to offer nail trims and dog washes and light grooming as a fundraiser for LAWS. They’re also holding a bake sale and will be selling raffle tickets to win nice prizes.

Nail trims a minimum of $5 donation per animal.

Dog washes and tidy/light grooming a minimum of $20 per dog.

For the dog washes/grooming please make an appointment or take a chance. For the nail trimming just show up and enjoy talking to other animal loving friends.

Tel number of the dog grooming salon: 613-273-9800


Date :

Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 8 am


Event location :

20 Whelan St, Westport, ON K0G, Canada


Contact :

Phone contact : +1 613-283-9308

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