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Westport Area Skate Club presents Memories on Ice!

Present Memories On IceCome on out March 2 at 10am to the Westport community centre to see a diamond dancing gentleman unveil his love as he remembers how your born into this world, your parents little light. Growing up to live life. Then one day you find the one that empowers you to wake up a nation. The one that stands beside you and says there’s no chance unless you take one. You might not have been looking for love like this but now it’s in your way. You go get a ring and let the choir bells sing, saying hey baby, I think I wanna marry you!

Our skaters are going to dazzle you with solos, pairs, group numbers and double axles. They will leave you standing in awe as our diamond level dancers skate the Silver Samba.

Highlighting Diamond level dancers, Rob Ainsworth and Jamie Lynn.

Show cost is $6; Free 5 and under, $3 ages 6-14; $5 Senior

Show takes place Saturday March 2, 2013 at the Westport Community Centre.

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