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For all your heating needs from furnaces, stoves and heating systems, Westport Ontario has heating specialists who can help you with your heating needs, big or small.

Heritage Brick & Stone - Perth Ontario Fireplaces
Heritage Brick & Stone Craft, Ottawa Home Centre

Phone 613-257-4783
Contact: Colin Coveny
Email: ccoveny@storm.ca
Website: www.brickandstonecraft.com


At Heritage Brick & Stone Craft we serve the
Ottawa Valley and region.
We specialize in Masonry Heaters (Thermal Mass Stoves) and Rumford fireplaces.

What is a Masonry Heater:

Masonry Heaters are energy efficient heating systems that have been used for centuries in nearly every region of the world. The fuel load wood (a renewable resource) is burned rapidly and the resulting heat is stored in the masonry mass. The heat then radiates evenly for the next 12 to 24 hours. Bake ovens, cook stove tops, and hot water jackets can be added features.

Thake Home Comfort Centre - Westport Ontario - Heating & Air Conditioning

Thake Home Comfort Centre

24 Bedford St.
Westport, ON  K0G 1X0
Phone: 613-273-2062
Email: thakehc@rideau.net
Website: www.thakehomecomfort.com
Contact: Chris & Cindy Dopson

For all your Heating, Air Conditioning, Wood Stoves, Geothermal and Alternative Energy needs, call Thake Home Comfort. Beat high energy costs with new high efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Serving the area for over 55 years. Guaranteed installs, sales and service for air conditioning, propane, electric and wood heating. Heat loss, duct design and geothermal systems now available.

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Thake Home Comfort Centre, Your source for heating and air conditioning in the wesport and rideau lakes area




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