Westport Ontario – An Exciting Place to Visit!

Thank you to everyone who posted their favourite things to do in Westport back in August. We had many responses and based on the ideas presented we have a surprise coming to everyone next summer!

I am pleased to announce the winner. Everyone posted so many great posts!
The winner is Tina & Chloe. Tina & Chloe wrote:

“Our favourite thing to do is to browse the shops. Our favourite being the Rock Shop where my daughter (6) is fascinated and the owner indulges her with all the info on the rocks, we then like to relax at the Cove. Although last time was not so relaxing as there was sudden summer storm that came on suddenly throwing rain on us mid starters. Just as we went indoors a gust of wind blew the parasols down the street. What an adventure! We loved it! My daughter always talks about it when we go back to the Cove – I think she kind of wishes we could have the drama over again. – TC”

Tina was very excited to have won and is excited to have an excuse to return to the Cove for dinner.

Thank you again to all wrote and generously expressed their favourite things to do in Westport.

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