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CCLThis weekend, July 26th and 27th, 2014 we are hosting *Motus O Dance
*Motus O* is nationally recognized dance troupe from Stouffville, Ontario.
They have traveled all across North America, Europe and Australia
performing various dance shows.

On Saturday July 26th 10 am-4 pm, *Motus O’s *Artistic directors are
the workshop,
*Body in Motion- With FUN!*

You are invited to this introductory workshop on movement, designed for
self-expression and storytelling. A variety of motifs will be learned and
explored investigating time, space, shapes and flow always working within
the realm of one’s natural abilities. Individual, partner and group work
will be explored, inspiring moments of community and creativity. All skill
levels welcomed.

On July 27th 2 pm- 3:30 pm *Motus O* will be presenting one
of their most renowned shows,* Circus Terrifico*!

Come and enjoy the hilarious,exciting show! *Circus Terrifico *is a comical
dance performance about three circus performers boarding the train to their
next show. A case of vanishing tickets, however, thwarts their plans and
strands them on the platform. It takes every trick in the book (and their
suitcases!) to create an impromptu show to raise money for new tickets.
This is a hilariously energetic micro-version interpretation of the
ballets, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. Bring the family! Light
refreshments will be included.

*Offer for ” Friends of WCCL” (**that means YOU!)*

Save $5 off each ticket to Circus Terrifico


Save $15 off registration to Body in Motion- with FUN

Tickets can be purchased online at:
http://www.centreforcreativelearning.co … ducts.html

Register for our workshops at:

http://www.centreforcreativelearning.co … ation.html

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