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4 Saving Rideau Lakes Heritage…The Delta Mill Society, in collaboration with the Chaffey’s Lock and Area Heritage Society and the Rideau Lakes Libraries, is working to create a lasting digital record of the valuable documents and photographs important to our area’s history.

The Delta Mill Society got its start in 1963, when the last individual owner of the Old Stone Mill (built in 1810), Hastings Steele, deeded the mill, for the sum of $1.00, to four trustees; Albert Frye, Elizabeth Robinson, Mildred Sweet and Robert Tuck. These trustees in turn became the original founders of The Delta Mill Society. In 1972 the Society was incorporated as a Non-profit Corporation in the Province of Ontario.

5 The focus of the society has been the preservation of the main building and the creation and operation of the mill as a museum. The mandate of the museum is to “show through exhibits and artifacts, how the grist mill was one of the most important elements when Delta was first settled, and to research the evolution of the communities served by the mill. There will be emphasis on the establishment of the industries of the area, and the changing patterns of economic activity in response to various influences, especially technology, up to 1900.”

Search your attics, filing cabinets and dresser drawers and bring your papers and photographs to these events for scanning and recording.

Date :
Sunday, March 20 | noon to 3:00 pm

Location event :
Old Town Hall, Delta, 8 Lower Beverley Lk. Park Rd., Delta

Contact :
The Delta Mill Society
Box 172, Delta, Ontario K0E 1G0
Tel: 613-928-2584 (office)

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