Rideau Vista Spring 2011 Mom-to-Mom Sale on the 16th of April

The Rideau Vista Spring 2011 Mom to Mom Sale was flooded with guests and parents joined other parents who sold their gently used baby clothes, books, toys and other baby stuff—some even visited to but some stuff for their own family. So to those who were looking forward to getting rid of some clothes, books and some other stuff used by your child definitely found the perfect place to do so. A lot of moms sold those items at the event. It was also arguably the best place for mothers to get gently used baby thing at very low prices. Those who were advocates of hand-me-downs, the 2011 mom-to-mom sale were totally the ideal place for them.

The sale didn’t have too many brand new items up for grabs, but it was still a great venue for people to score great deals on children’s clothes, toys, books and other stuff that your child may need. All expected to see tables upon tables of great and fantastic deals and they all purchased baby equipment, sold theirs and supported the wonderful fundraiser. This also became a great social event for all the moms who were there. They all shared stories and advice about kids and everything related to being a mom. They also brought their children and let them play with other kids who were at the event. From books, clothes, toys and so much more, this year’s mom-to-mom sale was so much fun, exciting and just amazing.

The event was on the 16th of April, Saturday at 9921 County Rd, Westport, ON. Those who had clothes and other kids stuff that they were looking forward to sell, the 2011 mom to mom sale was the place to be. Every mom was able to Socialize, Sell, Buy, and Play had so much fun at the Rideau Vista Spring 2011 Mom-to-Mom Sale.

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