Long Sault Trio at the Cove Inn



Linda Grenier, Dave Tilston and Victor Maltby have been making music as Long Sault Trio for many years now. The trio took its name from the Long Sault Creek near McDonald’s Corners. Like the creek, their music meanders through Folk with hints of Blues, Jazz and Trad music. With a multi-generational appeal, they have played festivals (Blue Skies Music Festival, Festival of Small Halls,  Stewart Park Festival) and venues throughout the region and beyond. As performing songwriters, their three-part harmonies and blend of acoustic instruments (violin, saxophone, mandolin and guitar) come together in a modern roots styling.

$10 suggested music cover per person.


Date :
July 1, 2024 from 5 to 8pm

Event location :
2 Bedford Street
Westport, Ontario K0G 1X0

Contact :
Please call 613.273.3636 or e-mail thecoveinnwestport@gmail.com

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