Heritage Brick & Stone Craft

The fire is out, but the heat is on. It’s a comfortable way to drift into sleep at night, knowing you’ll be warm and safe.

This is no ordinary wood stove. When you have a Masonry Heater from Heritage Brick and Stone Craft in your home, you have far more than comfort and warmth. You have beauty. You have a work of art.

Thermal mass stoves have been around for centuries; but now, in the age of high fuel costs and environmental awareness, they are rapidly becoming a heat source of the times.

A Masonry Heater is 92 per cent efficient, doesn’t need much wood, and generates no wood-smoke emissions. It sounds perfect, and it is. It produces the gentle, consistent warmth of radiant heat without having to tear up your floors or build a new house to install it.

The wood in a Masonry Heater burns rapidly for an hour or two a day. After that, the warmth in the masonry mass is slowly and evenly distributed into your home for the next 12 to 24 hours depending on how well the home is insulated.

You have to see an example of the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into them. The craftsman is Colin Coveny, a mason with more than 30 years experience. He has been building his Masonry Heaters since 1990.

You can put your Masonry Heater on the main floor of your house and ask Colin to stylize it to suit your taste. You’ll find it will be a magnificent focal point. He adds interesting options: heated benches, for instance, and cook-stove tops, and hot water jackets.

It makes winter beautiful. You’ll never want to leave home.

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