Centre for Creative Learning Summer Workshops

Westport Ontario

Westport Centre for Creative LearningThe Center for Creative Learning has added two new workshops this July.

Come out and enjoy Tell Your Story!

Saturday, July 19 – 10am-4pm
Tell Your Story Storytelling & Personal Narrative with Catherine McCormick
Storytelling is a popular art form at live storytelling events and on radio shows and podcasts worldwide. It can also be used as a tool to improve your public speaking, voice, and personal narrative writing. This full-day workshop will introduce participants to the basics of telling a tale and a variety of storytelling techniques. Each participant will leave the workshop with one polished 5 minute story, as well as a pocketful of ideas for future performances, personal essays or memoirs.

Improvised Comedy for Fun & Creativity

Sunday, July 20 – 10am-4pm
Improvised Comedy for Fun & Creativity with Danz Altvater
Improvisation is a valuable tool for performers of all stripes as well as a fun, low-pressure way to start performing. Improv helps develop acting and writing skills, and can also build up one’s confidence, creative flow and public speaking ability. This workshop is designed to introduce people at all skill levels to the art of improvisation. Participants will get hands-on instruction in improv comedy through various exercises, games and scenework. Participants will end the day with a 20 minute performance open to friends and family.

This summer get out, meet new people, and foster new skills you didn’t know you had!

For more information visit www.centreforcreativelearning.com

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